I have been judging since 2002. Judging highlights include:


- Judging in standard exams and competitions

- Judging in National Championships in Slovenia , Italy, USA, Russia , Spain, Turky,

-  Judging in International tournaments CACIT in Serbia, Italy , Hungary, Asia championship in Sud Korea, Taiwan , Grece

- Judging in World Championship qualification competitions in Italy, Slovenia , Grece, Spain, Russia, Turky, USA

- Judging in Regional Championships in Italy

-  Judging World Championship WUSV universal sieger, FMBB , ATI BOX , IFR and FCI World Championship 


- Italian – advanced level

- English – upper-intermediate level 




Since I was a boy I have been surrounded with dogs. My father was an active competitor for 30 years and he competed in the WUSV World Championship for 5 times. My father always tried to involve me in working with dogs as much as possible and in such a way gave me the basis for all the work I have been doing ever since. I helped my father with training of the dogs and I started to train some other dogs already as a teenager. I also trained my brother and his dog and he managed to classify for the FCI IPO World Championship. I also worked with my wife and prepared her for IFR , WUSV World Championship. Although I have dedicated most of my time training whoever shows the slightest interest in working with dogs, I have managed to compete in the WUSV World Championship, too.


Working with dogs and working with other handlers and helping them to prepare their dogs for most demanding competitions is a big challenge for me. I always dedicate myself completely to work in my kennel club, where I train prospective dogs and their handlers. A lot of them have won different awards. While still very young I got the licence for helpers and in 1992, at the age of 23, I was selected as a helper in the World Championship in Ljubljana. I try to pass on the acquired knowledge to other members of the club and helpers in Slovenia. Besides I also breed German Shepherds kennel LEOMEGY, which take part in many competitons.


One of big challenges for me is also organising different competitions and so at the age of 29 I succeeded in organising the World Championship for Giant Schnauzer. When I was 31, I organised the 12th FCI IPO World Championship in Nova Gorica in 2001, 2006 and in 2016, in 2012 universal sieger WUSV


I am also aware that just being and working with the dogs is not enough for my professional development. So I always attend different seminars, read books and articles on dog breeding and training and exchange my experience with other successful trainers, helpers, handlers and judges. Since 1998 I have always attended working commission FCI meetings and I have never missed FCI and WUSV seminars.


Dogs :


ARES TAX LEOMEGY , WUSV 2009, 2010, best tracking 100 points and FCI 2011 Title

-  International working champion

- Slo champion : 2010

- Slo vice champion : 2008, 2009, 2011

- Best german shepp. 2007, 2008, 2009,2010, 2011



Protection Judge: Hari Arcon

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