Kyle Krotter 

My name is Kyle Krotter I have been doing helper work since 2007 under Teaching Helper and mentor Joel Monroe. I would like to thank DVG Training director and teaching helper Ted Hartman for all the years of guidance and support. I would also like to honor the AWDF Committee and Hell's Kitchen Schutzhund club for all their hard work and dedication hosting the event. 


I have been a helper at the following championships over the past 10 years 


  • 2009 USCA Northwest Regional Championship, 

  • 2010 USCA Northwest regional championship 

  • 2010 AWDF Championship 

  • 2011 AWDF championship 

  • 2012 USCA Northwest regional championship. 

  • 2016 USCA Northwest regional championship IPO 2’s 

  • 2016 USCA GSD IPO3 nationals alternate 

  • 2017 AWDF IPO 2 championship 

  • 2017 DVG National IPO championship front half

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